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What is Magento

magentoWhat is Magento

Magento is one of the globally used open source EC platforms developed by Magento.
It is popular mainly in the US and Europe, and it can use the payment and delivery system necessary for performing cross-border EC as a standard.

It is not familiar in Japan, but on a global scale, second place of ASP’s Shopify, the platform with the highest share in open source (as of January 2019), ADOBE acquired in May 2018 It was re-focused on what I did.
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You can choose between Community Edition and Enterprise Edition according to your business scale.
We are currently offering Magento 2 (latest version at the start of development).

Customization example

Case 01

Import the shipping information of the day into the delivery management system and cooperate with the delivery center

Customize output data so that order data can be taken into the existing delivery management system (TMS). In addition, we will customize the input data and enable it to be imported even for the delivery data that gave the delivery number in TMS for each order.

Case 02

Expand customer information and deliver newsletters linked with MailChimp

By linking Magento and MailChimp, it is possible to deliver newsletters with MailChimp. In addition, by expanding customer information, reflecting that information in Mailchimp, and conducting customer segments, it is possible to deliver newsletters that are more stabbing to customers.
(Example: gender, handedness, past purchase price)

Case 03

Correspondence to EC outside the home (convenience store) receipt of Yamato Transport

By linking with the EC outside-home (convenience store) reception service provided by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., the convenience store can be used at the baggage reception location. You can improve the convenience of receipt and reduce return costs.
(The client needs a contract with Yamato Transport. We currently only accept convenience store receipts.)

Feature of Magento

  • 多言語&多通貨決済が可能

    Cross-border EC is possible in multi-language & multi-currency payment

    Magento offers multi-currency payment and multilingual support as standard features.
    You can use it with peace of mind as you can use the advanced functions to work with Japan’s payment agency.


    • Paygent (Credit, convenience store payment)
    • GMO Payment Gateway(Credit)
    • PayPal
    • Stripe
    • Bank transfer
    • Cash On Delivery
    • Amazon Pay
    • Multilingual Examples (English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified Characters, Traditional Characters), French, German, Vietnamese)
  • 基本機能が豊富

    Many basic functions

    Magento can set categories, sell products, and support download and sales.

    In addition, pricing is also compatible with volume discounts and discount sales.


    • Review function
    • Coupon function
    • Currency rate setting
    • Tax setting
    • Combination product setting
    • Delivery charge setting
    • Download product sale
    • Free shipping on purchases over a certain amount
  • 拡張機能でさらに便利に

    More convenient with extensions

    Magento is open source, so it is popular for developing extensions and can extend services using them.


    • Point system
    • Photo gallery
    • Full movie set up
    • Subscription function
    • Members Only Products / Contents
  • 既存システムとの連携

    Linkage with existing systems

    By linking with existing systems, backyard operations can be smoothly carried out.


    • Product sharing using SNS
    • Order information input / output
    • Convenience store receipt correspondence (Yamato Transport)
    • Acceptance correspondence at a real store
    • Content integration with Salesforce
    • Newsletter delivery in conjunction with MailChimp

Flow to introduction

  • Hearing about your current issues and what you want to do

    Eg) If there is a current EC site, the problem, how can we operate it, our vision for the future

  • Analysis of present conditions, requirement arrangement, problem arrangement

    Ex.) Cross border sales, increase of repeaters, brand recognition, customer promotion using segments

  • Essential definition

    Ex) Selection of EC platform, summary of functional requirements, content matching in case of system migration

  • Functional design

    Basic setting by our Magento person in charge

  • Development

    Basic developing by our Magento person in charge

  • Test

    Test engineer test, planner test, customer test

  • Site open

  • Examination of additional function development and marketing measures

An example of our basic package

  • Server construction (AWS: EC2 + RDS + S3, setting of various software)
  • Add payment module (paygent)
  • Add shipping table
  • Japanese correspondence of address notation, postal code automatic input correspondence
  • Japanese font support
  • Tax setting (consumption tax)
  • Apply theme of responsive design

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you compatible with Japanese business practices?

    You can make settings such as credit payment (Paygent, Stripe, etc.), bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.
    In addition, we customize according to the delivery company that you use for delivery, so you can use it with confidence.
    (Example: Take data for Yamato B2)

  • Is it also compatible with smartphones?

    It corresponds. Since the standard theme itself is responsive design, we will apply the received design.

  • How can I respond to overseas orders?

    If you set the payment that can be used overseas (credit card, paypal, etc.) and the transportation for shipping is decided, it is also possible to respond.
    Standard support is available for FedEx and UPS.

  • Can you migrate from other EC systems?

    If you can output data in CSV format, you can roughly migrate.
    For customer data, migration is possible without a password or purchase history.
    There are other parts depending on the system, so please contact us.

Case study



Victas, who was thinking of redesigning the website after the company name change.
As we wanted to do in the future at the time of the interview, there was EC and multilingualization, so initially we assume that only the catalog function should be used. Implemented later.


CHOKURAREFifty One Corporation

Proposed Magento as it is being considered for cross border EC.
The site is similar to a marketplace type, but with the Magento Marketplace it is difficult to feel the cost, so we customize a similar mechanism.
In addition, in line with Japanese business practices, we have set shipping methods, shipping costs, and payment mechanisms.

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