Solution 02

Web System Development / Original CMS

System development according to your services and work flow such as membership site / ordering system / financial system

Case 07

CMS of campaign site

CMS of campaign site to have many restaurants participate. Improve the convenience of end users by converting the restaurant into a database and filtering it according to various specifications.

Case 05

Connecting an existing financial system with a virtual currency wallet

Case 04

Financial system operated overseas

From customer management to customer request management, status management, and other financial institution APIs and connections with multiple virtual currency wallets.

Case 02-1

I want to manage Excel file etc. locally and reflect that data

A request to reflect product prices etc. directly from the PC directly on the Web. We made it possible to manage DBs with MicroSoftAccess, and allow them to be easily searched and sorted on the Web, enabling end users to achieve their goals.

Case 08

I want my own fund profit distribution system

The client who operates the fund can check how much profit can be given to the client every day, and it is said that it wants to create a system that centrally manages the monthly fee, commission, new purchase, cancellation, and portfolio. Another site that customizes it by changing its application, and a total of 2 sites are built.

Supported language

  • JAVA(Spring, Struts)
  • PHP(Various frameworks)
  • Ruby(Rails)
  • Python(Django)
  • .NET(C#,VB)
  • JavaScript(React, Angular, Vue)

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