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Cross-border EC

With cross border EC

An EC that sells to customers in other countries (overseas) from the selling country through the Internet.
According to the announcement (* 1) of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2017, purchases from China increased 25.2% compared to the previous year, and purchases from the US increased 15.8%, and the market size will expand further in the future It is considered to be.

1 Infrastructure development for data-driven society in Japan in 2017 (market research on electronic commerce)

Advantages and disadvantages of cross-border EC


  • Overseas market spreads and purchase target increases.
  • There are many buyers for Japanese products
  • You can start cheaply because you do not need to have a real store abroad


  • I have to translate the text on the site
  • Because business practices are different, it corresponds to the payment means of the target country
  • Need to know the structure of tariffs and procedures for overseas shipping

To do cross-border EC



It is necessary to introduce software compatible with cross-border EC in-house, ASP service, and open a store in an overseas mall.
Selection: Customers, Construction: Maruweb



It is necessary for domestic payment agency companies to use overseas payments, or to introduce an overseas payment agency company, such as PayPal.
Contract: Customer, Setting: Maruweb



As it is delivery using EMS or FedEx, it is necessary to understand each scheme.
Contract: Customer, Setting: Maruweb


Language / currency

You need to decide which language and currency are used in the target country. In addition, you need a system that can support you when there is an inquiry.
Selection: Customer, Setting: Maruweb

Platform provided by Maruweb

For customers who want to conduct cross-border EC at Maruweb, we are proposing a platform to be provided according to products and size. With regard to Magento in particular, there is also a dedicated development team, which has been customizing development etc. for several years.

Magento / Abode Commerce
  • Many extensions
  • Multilingual & multicurrency payment is possible
  • Edition according to business scale
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  • Cost to start is cheap
  • Multilingual & multicurrency payment is possible
  • Cooperation with Instagram shop now
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