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What is Shopify

Shopify is one of the globally used ASP-type EC platforms developed by Shopify. The expansion in the US market is remarkable, cheap and sophisticated shops can be launched in a short time.

In Japan, with the establishment of a Japanese corporation from 2017, the number of companies using it is increasing gradually.

You can choose Basic, Standard, or Premium according to your business scale.
We are currently working on building basics.

Feature of Shopify

Cross-border EC is possible in multi-currency payment

Shopify offers multi-currency payment as standard features.
For credit payments, we have in-house payment services linked with Stripe.


  • Credit(Shopify Payment)
  • PayPal
  • KOMOJU (bank transfer, convenience store payment)
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Amazon Pay
  • Alipay Global

Many basic functions

Shopify can set categories, sell products, and support download sales.

In addition, pricing is also compatible with volume discounts and discount sales.


  • Buy Button (Install a buy button on a blog etc.)
  • Facebook shop
  • Coupon code issued
  • Gift card
  • Delivery charge setting
  • Free shipping on purchases over a certain amount
  • Digital product sales (requires Shopify application)
  • Subscription

Linkage with existing systems

By linking with existing systems, backyard operations can be smoothly carried out.


  • Delivery coordination (Sippino, Logirez, Next Engine, Logikura, Open Logi)
  • Order information output

Shopify’s Challenge

As for Japanese localization, some necessary features are insufficient for Japanese custom(Ex.traditional gift wrapping paper)

About that, we will develop applications and apply it. (Cash on delivery has already been addressed. Delivery will be expanded around.)

Problems with entering the Japanese market and solutions at Maruweb

Localization support

For translation into Japanese, which is often a barrier, we can provide both automated and manual translation services.
We can flexibly respond to your needs according to volume and budget sensitivity.


Addition of Japan-specific functions on EC sites


We can customize your EC site to include many unique Japanese functions.
Examples: Noshi (gift wrapping), delivery date and time, delivery company selection, etc.

Market research

We provide support for strategic planning for business development in the Japanese market, taking into account Japanese business customs and business schemes in the relevant industry.


Case study

Isamu Foods Corporation

ISAMU FOODS ONLINEIsamu Foods Corporation

We added regional shipping settings and free shipping settings, and configured them with consideration for shipping costs.
(In addition to shipping by country, in Japan, setting by prefecture is possible.)

Ayakichi Corporation

PRECIOUS FAMILYAyakichi Corporation

We make setting that category composition of product straddle plural and make it display in the form like a feature.

In addition, we have created a mechanism to support wrapping.

Integro, Inc.

INTEGROIntegro, Inc.

Since there are many inflows to existing websites, the Buy Button has been installed to create a mechanism that allows purchasing without a sense of discomfort, so that guidance is easy when introducing products.
In addition, we will customize the date and time delivery and the order list.

Flow to introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

You can make settings such as credit payment (Paygent, Stripe, etc.), bank transfer, cash on delivery, etc.
In addition, we customize according to the delivery company that you use for delivery, so you can use it with confidence.
(Example: Take data for Yamato B2)

It corresponds. Since the standard theme itself is responsive design, we will apply either the original design according to your request or the received design.

If you set the payment that can be used overseas (credit card, paypal, etc.) and the transportation for shipping is decided, it is also possible to respond.
Standard support is available for FedEx and UPS.

If you can output data in CSV format, we can roughly migrate.
For customer data, migration is possible without a password or purchase history.
There are other parts depending on the system, so please contact us.

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