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Original CMS / MovableType / WordPress

Recommendation of website management using CMS

Have you ever felt like this on your website?

  • I want to update more easily …
  • I want to use a lot of images and videos …
  • I want to be able to create new pages easily …
  • I want to change the design regularly …
  • I want to be able to update more than one person …
  • I want to increase access from search engine …
  • I want to operate as low as possible …

Worried about that, why not solve with CMS?

Enter information such as texts and images without requiring specialized knowledge such as programs required for website creation, and build, update, add pages, etc., to a website as if it were possible to use words. A system that can do and automatically update related pages. By introducing it, even beginners can operate the website.

We mainly offer original CMS developed from 1st, open source standard WordPress, and licensed product MovableType.

  • Original CMS


    You can build your favorite CMS by incorporating as many of the necessary functions as you need.

    Since there is no unnecessary menu, the management screen can be operated intuitively.


    As we develop from one, cost schedule is much more expensive than WordPress, MovableType.

  • WordPress


    It is a CMS that is used all over the world, so even if it’s not a standard function, there are plenty of extensions called plug-ins, so it’s easy to extend the function.


    It is used all over the world, so it is easy to be hijacked and targeted by viruses, and always needs to be constantly updated, such as constantly updating security.

  • MovableType


    As a company in Japan develops and provides, you can get support when something happens.

    Since file output is main, there is less load on the server and DataBase because it does not access DataBase when reading a file.


    It is necessary to export the file called rebuilding at the time of site update.

    ※ You need to purchase a license when using (98,000 yen …)


We are an integration partner of Six Apart, the developer of Movable Type.
※There is no kickback to us due to license fee.

No knowledge of HTML required! Anyone can easily update

Create and modify articles as if they were words. You can also change the font size, font, color, and insert a table.

  • Original CMS
  • WordPress
  • MovableType

Uploading images and videos is easy

You can easily upload images and videos from the article editing screen. Of course, the resizing and arrangement of the size is as you like.

  • Original CMS
  • WordPress
  • MovableType

Creating a new page is also easy

For example, even if you create a new page, such as introducing a new product or introducing a case study, you can easily create it by adding pages.

  • Original CMS
  • WordPress
  • MovableType

Easy extension of functions

Using an extension tool called a plug-in, it is relatively easy to extend, for example, automatic posting to Twitter or Facebook when posting.

  • WordPress
  • MovableType

Multiple web reps can update

Create and edit pages from the dedicated management screen. Therefore, multiple WEB personnel who can access the management screen can update it.
In addition, you can set the editing authority to the page for each person in charge.

  • Original CMS
  • WordPress
  • MovableType

It is perfect to attract customers from search engines

Since it automatically performs SEO measures to increase the inflow from search engines, it will be possible to attract more customers from search engines. If you use other plug-ins, you can expect further access increase.

  • Original CMS
  • WordPress
  • MovableType

You can build and operate at low cost

Adoption of widely used open source CMS such as WordPress, Movabletype, etc. can also reduce the cost of implementation.

  • WordPress
  • MovableType

Case study



It covers a wide range of content, including product information that includes a huge number of product scores, actively active motor sports, and sales events that take place throughout the country.
People who like cars and people who are interested can enjoy it, and by introducing MovableType, the burden on the operator is reduced. It also has an online shop function using ECCUBE.

In addition, we develop and introduce a system that can search for matching parts from car makers and car models as functions, and introduce them into the user’s convenience.
In addition, we have introduced a web catalog where product catalogs can be browsed like paper catalogs, and we cope with digital debit users.


CRYSTAL GEYSEROtsuka Food Co., Ltd.

We introduced the use of Movable Type to simplify updating as required by customers.

Customers can easily update TOPICS that is updated when the campaign is done and video information will be added every time the Youtube Channel is updated. Since we set Twitter as the main in the campaign, we set the Timeline (timeline) on the navigation page on the right side of the homepage (TOP page)

Original CMS


The company that was thinking about content marketing, suggested what kind of framework site to make.
It is not just a blog, but it requires a marketing function.
In addition to this site, build a CMS that controls two sites.



Recruitment portal site specialized in recruiting.
We emphasize search and customize WordPress according to the specifications.
In order to get information collected properly by Indeed, we will optimize HTML and send a certain number of people every month.
We cope with “work search” of 2019 Google.


VICHY CELESTINSOtsuka Food Co., Ltd.

The brand site of France’s natural water and its design (Pararax) place emphasis on creation.
Introduced MovableType to simplify updating on client’s request.
It allows clients to update popular recipes and tips on how to embed Twitter updates as they are.


FROMA JAPANFrom A Japan Co., Ltd.

An advertising agency that handles recruiting job ads.
From hiring human resources, to education and training, organizational vitality, help from personnel evaluation.
Created using WordPress.
Based on responsive design, we put emphasis on the appearance as a corporate site.
Active points such as latest information are directly updated by the client.


EISHUNKAISocial welfare corporation

Special nursing home for the elderly A social welfare corporation that operates the autumn cherry blossoms.
Built with WordPress to answer requests to open and close privately for each job type of employment information.
The short stay online reservation is also controlled by WordPress, creating an environment where users can use it online.
I wanted to make use of external blogs as they were, and they were reflected in the latest information with images.


ISAMU FOODSYu Foods Co., Ltd.

Tottori food maker’s website.
Use original images abundantly and create a sense of luxury by making the gap appropriate.
Built with WordPress to actively manage store information, announcements, popular recipes and more.

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