After-parts brand site using CMS (Movable Type), which is highly convenient for both users and administrators

Project overview

It covers a wide range of content, including product information that includes a huge number of product scores, actively active motor sports, and sales events that take place throughout the country. The system has become a breathtaking website, as it is a system that makes it easier for people who like cars and people who are interested in it and for the staff members to renew. It also has an online shop function that sells small items etc. independently.

We develop and introduce a system that can search for matching parts from automobile manufacturers and vehicle types in scratch, further enhance user convenience, and use CMS (Movable Type) to manage information collectively and to websites (including mobile) Achieve batch reflection.
In addition, we introduce Web de catalog which can read product catalog like paper catalog and cope with digital debit user.
It also operates an EC site that uses ECCUBE.

  • ClientCUSCO Corp
  • ProjectAfterparts brand site construction centering on MovableType
  • Customize
    • CMS (MovableType)
    • Web Catalog
    • A search system that can search a huge number of products according to vehicle type
    • Online shopping site using ECCUBE
    • Information posting system using a smartphone

Client's voice

A company that manufactures and sells automotive after-sales parts. From website construction to management and maintenance, we have been indebted for over 8 years. As well as producing pages for information dissemination, we have built a system that allows you to easily search over 20,000 products we handle on the web. Now it is an indispensable tool not only for general customers, but also for their work. In addition, we can respond quickly to new content production and web-related questions, so it's almost a familiar presence like our internal web department. I think that I will always be indebted to Marweb from now on.

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